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Sherbrooke Anti-Poverty Charter Sherbrooke Anti-Poverty Charter

Sherbrooke Anti-Poverty Charter

In 2002 the Quebec government unanimously passed An Act to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion (Loi visant à lutter contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale).

Since that time, two government action plans have been put into place. Despite this, 10 years later, poverty still remains an issue. In 2011, in Sherbrooke, 2 out of 10 adults are classified as low-income earners – the highest rate not only in Estrie but out of the entire province. The face of poverty in Sherbrooke is also visible in the 2500 families in need with one or more children.

We, the undersigned members of an active and committed community, stemming from all sectors (community and non-profit organizations, institutions, business people, unions, elected officials, citizens, etc.) wish to combat poverty and social exclusion in order to improve the lives of all Sherbrooke residents.

We consider that

Poverty is transmitted through a lack of assets, power, and knowledge.

Poverty represents an accumulation of disabilities resulting from inequalities that tend to reinforce each other.

Poverty results from social and economic devitalization throughout our community.

The combined effects of poverty and social exclusion aggravate the situation of people and vulnerable communities.

Poverty and social exclusion generate significant social and economic costs for the community.

Our goals

A long-term social project

It is necessary to surpass logical short-term intervention to adopt a perspective of action that is part of a broader social project.

Transversal actions

It is important to act on the many dimensions of poverty and social exclusion.

Local actions

It is important to act locally on social, environmental, cultural, and economic levels.

The evolution of practices

It is important to be open to change and to evolve practices and paradigms.

Sign the charter

As a signatory of the charter, I commit to 

  • Acting as the bearer of this charter.
  • Mobilizing the stakeholders in my network in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

As a stakeholder in the Sherbrooke community, I commit to 

Performing the following actions to collectively fight against poverty and social exclusion (optional):

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I endorse the principles set out in this charter.

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